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Старый 30.07.2018, 05:46   #1
Регистрация: 30.07.2018
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По умолчанию Statement to the police, Aunt complains about neighbors

a funny topic)) and because there are many such !!:

My friend works as a precinct officer. He showed me one piece of paper, my wife and I almost laughed at it, barely reached the house. I hated him on the Internet somehow, because you can not hide such masterpieces from people. For obvious reasons, the addresses and surnames of the main characters are removed. The spelling of the author (megascandal aunt) is preserved))


I ask you to take measures against my neighbors from the top of the square. 25. Which in the last time siematically violate public peace and morality with indecent sounds at night time. Although it's embarrassing because elderly people are both princes of sciences in institutes and see the culture they do not care how much they can be educated. I have already told the neighbor that they behaved prettily and she bestyzhaya just smiled and left not a word, did not say fuck off. And the fact that she can tell you that I broke the window, it's lies. I later in the evening went to make a remark because it can be skolko. But at the door to call shy and called quietly in a whisper from the general balkona that next to their window, but they did not respond, and then I vezhlevo knocked on the fordock with a handle from the mop. The fact that she crashed themselves to blame had to behave prettily.
Pose yesterday, I sent my husband cursing to his neighbor on a man's and he returned thoughtful. He said that the neighbor prinemat tablets and again the youth came. Well, bought tablets and behave yourself. And yesterday he prenes from a drugstore these pills andromaks I rubbish this at once you have thrown though it is a pity to money and prelichnym to be more dearly or expensively and vzryja people vvozhaetsja! And my husband slammed the door and went into the dominoes to play with Afanasin.
I ask you to take measures against neighbors and to my husband because he if he croaks himself to death, then he disappeared.

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